Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Go Kiss The World

This book by subrato Bagchi can be categorised into an autobiography. The life of the author which started with a humble beginning moves on a path of twists and turns and one day has become a model. the person who was no one becomes a master.

Quite commendable is the inner strength of the author and his family. I can say this book will really boost the confidence of the people who are passing through the low phase of life.

I liked most part of the book and my full marks to the last part where the author gives the advice to the budding professionals. The best advice was to "Learn to say sorry!!".

Most part was good but somehow i did not like the part where the author tries to tell the actions of his brother amithava, where he leaves his family and 2 small kids for some reason. The author instead of condemning is fine with it. Anyways its his autobiography. :)

This book is in simple language so its fun. Happy reading.

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